Jag lever, jag lever!

  • By Lisa
  • 2016-01-31

Scenkonst Sörmland – Jag lever jag lever!

Lisa Långbacka is part of Scenkonst Sörmland’s performance Jag lever, jag lever! (I’m alive, I’m alive!) – a tribute to all the aunts and to all women in the world that walk their own paths. The manuscript is built of poems by Swedish female poets and the music is composed by the musicians alongside with compositions by Elfrida Andrée. Premier on February 25th.

For tickets and further information, click here.

Musicians: Lisa Grotherus – bass clarinet, Åsa Karlberg – flute, Lisa Långbacka – accordion

Actors: Ingela Schale Berghagen and Susanne Gunnersen

Director and manuscript: Gunilla Orvelius

Costumes and props: Caroline Romare

Poems by:
Karin Boye, Eva-Stina Byggmäster, Athena Farrokhzad, Tove Jansson, Elsie Johansson, Barbro Lindgren, Ebba Lindqvist, Kristina Lugn, Harriet Löwenhjelm, Bodil Malmsten, Edith Södergran, Kerstin Thorvall, Jenny Wrangborg och Sonja Åkesson.

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