LISAS at Folk Alliance International

  • By Lisa
  • 2017-03-11

In February 2017, LISAS (Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Långbacka) made five concert at FAI (Folk Alliance International) in Kansas City. The showcases were appreciated and new their new album Fiddle & Accordion Conversations is now being played in radio stations in USA. A quote from David Amram, composer and Lifetime Award Winner at FAI, after hearing LISAS:


“The consummate musicality of Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Langbacka provided an evening that I will never forget. They made the music come to life and enter into the hearts as well as the minds of everyone who heard them and reminded all of us of the enduring beauty of the folkloric traditions which have enriched Western classical music for centuries.

As a composer myself, every piece that they played made me wish that I had composed each one myself, but I knew if I had, no one else could play with such sensitivity except LISAS.”

David Amram Composer-conductor-multi-instrumentalist

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