Musical Director at the Nobel Prize Banquet

  • By Lisa
  • 2018-01-05

Lisa Långbacka was the musical director of the divertissement for the Nobel Prize Banquet 2017 where she also performed her composition Lightwaves. Together with producer Mats Jankell, Lisa developed the theme ”A Hymn to the North Inspired by Ice and the Aurora Borealis”. The Stockholm Town Hall was decorated and lit to reflect the northern nature with Ice obelisques designed by Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and northern lights in the ceiling. Lisa performed together with Malin Broman (Concertmaster of the Swedish Radio Orchestra), the chamber orchestra Musica Vitae and the critically acclaimed Cullbergbaletten choreographed by Ludvig Daae. She also performed together with Ane Brun. Among the other artists were the singer Lena Willemark, sami singer Ulla Pirttijärvi and ice percussionist Terje Isungset. The divertissement highly acclaimed both in the hall and in Swedish media.

Here, you can see and hear Divertissement II (Musica Vitae, Cullbergbaletten and Lisa’s composition Lightwaves):–akt-ii

Links to Divertissement I & III–akt-i–akt-iii

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